Posted on May 06, 2019
The 2015-16 recipient of the Noushin-Sharif Murphy Memorial Scholarship, Sierra Murphy (no relation), graduated with honors and a triple-major from Arizona State University.  Representing Harbor Rotary at the ceremony was Past President Hugh Murphy (also no relation).  He is pictured below with Sierra.  Hugh writes: 
Following up on a wonderful weekend in Tempe, AZ.  Met Sierra's extended family and  her boyfriend.  Mom (Tina) saved Sara and I a seat with them and we had a great conversation with Tina and Sierra's grandparents.  Both grandparents are deaf (they had met at a school for the deaf in Berkeley) and Tina acted as translator.  Was cool to see Sierra, sitting down on the floor, communicate with mom and grandparents  using sign language. No need to shout. 
The only down side was that there were over 900 honors students graduating and each student was individually introduced and what their majors were.  Those basketball seats were very hard and when the last student was introduced she got a standing ovation.  I think she was surprised until she figured out why we were cheering (ha).
Sierra was one of 23 graduating students, out of 15,000+, who received bachelor degrees in three different majors.  Her final GPA was 4.1.  She is on her way to medical school next year.  And by the way she is a graduate of the RYLA program which she again mentioned to me how important it was to her for her self confidence in high school.  
Whether she is a future Rotarian or not, I am sure we will be hearing her name again in the years to come as either a preeminent neurosurgeon or cancer researcher.