Posted by Theresa Bottari
Ron discusses Rotary Membership
PDG John Bottari introduced PDG Ron Gin by describing the times a few years ago when he and Helen Abe (Happy Birthday, Helen) went to Tommy Toy's to eat lunch and try to recruit new Rotary members interested in chartering what became the Rotary Club of Chinatown San Francisco.  Ron Gin showed up.  They talked about why he should join and how he could help, and then the next week...Ron showed up again.  He kept coming and became a founding member.  With that introduction, Ron got a rousing welcome from his Harbor audience.
After discussing his Ride to End Polio funding request, Ron gave this year's Membership 101 lecture.   After detailing the "Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody" story and concluding that "Nobody did what Anybody could have done,"  Ron discussed the fact that membership is driven by our Membership Chair (IPP Carola) and our President Barbara.   
He then showed our photos using the People of Action template and recommended Jaimie Ortiz and or Theresa Bottari (Social Media) put a few of these pictures onto either FB or Clubrunner.
After reviewing components of membership, and having a "temperature test of visioning" with a 3 min pop quiz...what should we start doing, what should we stop doing, and what should we continue doing?...Ron ended with an offer from 5150 of packets and materials (Healthy Club Check, Vibrant Club, etc) and recommended we attend the update Feb 23rd.
FINALLY HE PRESENTED A "Rotarian Volunteer at Work" t shirt to President Barbara.