This notice to the membership gives the slate of officers proposed by the nominating committee.  We will vote at the July 8 meeting.
Nominated to serve on the 2014-2015 San Rafael Harbor Rotary Club Foundation Board of Directors
Foundation President                    Jim Carriere
Foundation CFO and Secretary  Mary Sackett
Foundation Board Member         John Noerr
Though the above individuals are nominated, any club member in good standing that will not serve on the 2014-2015 Club Board is eligible to serve as a Foundation Board Member, and their name may be “written in” during the election, which will take place no sooner than 10 calendar days after distribution of this notice.
Though not subject to a vote, the following will serve as 2014-2015 Foundation Board Members based on the Foundation Bylaws:
Foundation Board Member         Susan Lundy, 2014-2015 Club President
Foundation Board Member         Beverly Schwert, 2014-2015 Club President Elect