A few months ago I got the Foundation of San Rafael Harbor up and running as an approved EBay 501 C 3 charity.  Now it is time to ask everyone who has an ebay account to please search for us (San Rafael Harbor Rotary Club Foundation) and click "favorite charity" so we will show up when people click "Sort by Popularity" instead of by location!
Here is a run-down of the program so far.  I sold a couple of my vintage hats and drove Kris Edwards slightly crazy since I forgot to tell her the random checks coming in were actual donations via our EBay link.  The site just sat there for awhile..and suddenly some randomly nice man or woman in El Sobrante chose us as the charity to receive a portion of a shirt sale!  So we are REAL!!!   This is the live link in case you want to see...apparently he or she gives 10% to us:  http://givingworks.ebay.com/charity-auctions/charity/San-Rafael-Harbor-Rotary-Club-Foundation/60739/?charity-item-sort=StartTimeNewest
(Sorry...the editing program in Clubrunner simply doesn't do "link insert" the way one normally expects, where I could just assign the name "Shirts for Sale" and let you click on it.)