Rotarians are everywhere!  I've begun to walk about, raising my hand and holding the universal "This Close" signal, and being stopped and greeted by everyone...Africa, Tawain (LOTS of Tawainese), Londoners, and Aussies from every area.  The only slight confusion is that almost everyone addresses their Rotary greetings to my husband, a somewhat shy but gracious New Yorker who, as he says, "doesn't know the secret handshake" and isn't too interested in learning it!  The only Rotarian women I have met so far are two nice women from Alameda.  I know we females Rotarians are only 20% worldwide but I'm so insulated in Marin County that fact only sinks in as I travel for Rotary.  Updates are on the Facebook Rotary convention page and the pictures there of the Harbor Bridge climb are awesome.  World record!  I have lots of photos but not with my cell phone (Verizon would have charged $9 a minute and some outrageous data fee) so I'll have to wait to upload my camera pics when I get back.  G'day, ya'll.   Miss you but am excited to represent you here at convention.(By the way, I'm writing this Saturday at 10 am which I think is about Friday at 6pm your time.)  S.