GREETER: Tom Sutton. Tom is an IT Consultant specializing in small business computer networking.  His quote is this year's Rotary Theme "Enjoy Rotary, Change Lives"
529 BC - International Day of Sirus
1863 - 18 countries met in Geneva
1929 - Black Tuesday, Stock Market Crash
Susan paid for a TX family reunion and she's now on Medicare.
Jim paid for those who helped with parking last week and b/c his son passed the driving test and he's not sure how. Didn't have to parallel park or drive on freeway.
Karl paid for being busy and not helping with parking last week, last minute
Steve paid b/c Aref wore a Rotary Shriner hat
Kris paid for missing last few meetings
Stacie paid for having fun bowling
11/12/13 - There will not be a meeting in the morning. Instead we will have a Happy Hour meeting at Hanna's Restaurant. Starts at 5pm. Please let Bev know by 11/8 and pay Cindy $17 in advance.
12.17/13 - No morning meeting. Instead we will be having a Holiday Party at West End Cafe. Starts at 6pm.
SPEAKER this morning was Laura Renner, Hiring Coach. She talked about The 3 Secrets to Making Hiring Easy.
For the Solopreuner ~
1) Job Analysis -What type of person are you looking for and for what duties
2)Think Through The Options - what type of help do you need/want
3)Start small, Go Bigger - harder to downsize than it is to grow
For those who do irregular hiring ~
1) Job Analysis - same as above
2) More Effective Job Interviewing - use open ended questions which allows for more probing
3) Realistic Job Previews - should be honest and as clear as possible. Day 5, Day 90 and Day 120, I expect you to be doing...
Jim had the winning ticket, but alas did not pick the white marble. There are 10 marbles left, including the white one. Do you feel lucky?