GREETER:  Hugh.  Hugh is an architect in SR.  We enjoyed his thoughts for the day.
THIS DAY IN HISTORY:  Willa gave us a brief rundown which included 1.  In 1897 the first DUI ticket was issued.  2.  In 1998 President Clinton apologized to congress for his behavior with Monica Lewinski.
VISITORS:  Gail from Santa Barbara Rotary
ROTARY QUESTIONS:  Karen asked us three questions.  Do you know Paul Harris's wife's name?  It is Jean.
UPCOMING EVENTS:  Barbara told us about a car wash at the downtown SR Presbyterian Church that will be taking place this Saturday from 9-3.  An exterior wash is $10 and proceeds will go to At Risk Youth.
INTERACT:  Bridget told us that it is a great group this year and that 39 students attended the first meeting.
SPEAKER:  Caren Horstmeyer, Realtor with Frank Howard Allen and Motivational speaker.  She is a former basketball coach.  She was Head Coach at Santa Clara University (where she had attended as well) from 1989-2000.  She was woman's head coach at the University of CA, Berkeley from 2000-2005.  She is a Redwood HS graduate and her colors were always red both in HS and at Santa Clara.  When she interviewed at CAL she was told to never wear red or she would be attacked and rolled down stadium steps.  She feels very fortunate as she traveled all over the world through sports and never paid anything.  After coaching, she got into Real Estate as she enjoys working with people.  She mentioned two things that she feels are very important in business and with coaching.
1.  Consistency
2. System  Have a good defensive system, abide by it, and follow it.  Figure out how to make the money and delegate when necessary.
Karen mentioned that the SR Chamber business showcase is tomorrow at Embassy Suites.  She encouraged all to attend.  She will have a booth there.
Tom had lunch with John Bottari last week.  John is still in pain, has some infections, but is doing well overall.