Posted by Susan Lundy
The crisp morning of September 19 saw Cindy Stameroff, Stan Green, Barbara Weldon, Susan Lundy, and Brigette Waterbury helping Sanzuma founder and organic garden expert Lori Davis transplant "a few" of her 2,500 seedlings that needed potting.  Lori also showed us the entire garden (started in 2001 with a greenhouse donated by RC of Mission San Rafael) and "our plot" of land for the fruit trees.  Aero fencing has donated the raw materials (fencing workers needed!) and soon the lot can be ready for more than the owl house...for all our fruit trees we are donating.  Here are pictures with comments showing the garden project at San Pedro Elementary:

Working on seedlings

Brigette planting
Lori Davis of Sanzuma in the background and Brigette Waterbury in the foreground, transferring romaine lettuce from flats into pots.  You can see Cindy Stameroff's hand on the left!  Susan, Brigette, Stan, Cindy, and Barbara made quite a dent in the 2,500 flat seedlings that needed transplanting.
Cindy helps Olivia
Cindy Stameroff rocks her "San Rafael Harbor Rotary" polo shirt and her "Harbor" vest...while giving Olivia a seedling of red leaf lettuce to plant.  Olivia is Lori Davis' coworker at the garden
Barbara and Lori hydroponic gardening
Lori Davis holds up the cover of the hydroponic garden so Barbara Weldon can wield her apple camera!

Field of (Fruit Tree) Dreams

Stan Lori Barb Cindy fruit tree field
Stan Green, Lori Davis of Sanzuma, President Barbara Weldon (note to PDG Ron...shirt!!!) and Cindy Stameroff stand in front of the field at San Pedro elementary that is now awaiting (first) the fencing labor and (second) the fruit-tree-planting labor.  Projects coming up.  (Suggestion from photographer Susan...let's partner with Interact kids and recruit the football team to join.  My back is too bad to plant!)
Safe garden
So..the idea was to get a picture of Barbara in front of the Safe Garden sign, as an example of the many interesting and motivational signs around the garden.  But Barbara was frowning by mistake, so Susan just cut her out so she would not have a bad picture.  But..she surely does like her iPhone!
Susan asked Stan to take this picture.  It is so nice, Susan thinks she will save it for her funeral.   (Okay, so what can I say...we are Harborites.)

Wrapping it up..

owl house

The Owl Project helped advise Lori on the placement, height, and structure of the house on the pole in the background.  Field of fruit trees coming up!


Barbara took a quick shot of Susan, Lori, Cindy and Stan after we had finished viewing the garden.


Part of the garden includes perennials to entice pollinators into the garden; Lori took a shot of we four touring the sunflower section (behind us).


"Wash your hands before harvesting" sign stands at the garden gate.  The multicolored signs in back give uplifting slogans and actually makes you happy.  Go to tour the garden with Lori Davis and see what we mean!