A brief summary of this morning's meeting ~

We were greeted by one of our Charter members, Karl Dannecker. He shared about his business, which is audio and visual rentals and sales.  He's been in business for a long time (40? years) and knows the local area well, being a native to Marin County!

Good news ~

Steve reported on his vacation and gave a Bell Ringer ($100)...woo hoo!
Tom also gave a Bell Ringer ($100) in celebration of his wife, Linda's 65th Birthday...go Medicare!!!
Kris shared that her brother has moved to the Bay Area and has finally had his offer accepted on a new house...Congrats!
Cindy fined herself for Jim's scrumptious oysters BBQ'd on Sunday, in celebration of Linda Sutton's birthday at Drakes Bay Oyster Farm...mmm mmm good!

Jim stumped Susan (unfair advantage) with a "Do you know...Rotary" question. However, two more questions were answered correctly and President Aref Ahmadia had to pay $10. Yeah team!!

A new member, Ruth Mathis-Bissell, was inducted and Harriet MacLean is her sponsor. Welcome Ruth!!!

The speaker was Joann Babiak, Attorney at Law. Her topic "Stone Cold Negotiations...Are you a Deal Maker or Deal Breaker?"  The short of it is to connect with your clients and figure out their core values to help with effective negotiations.

Hugh Murphy had the winning 50/50 $ ticket, but didn't pick the white marble...sorry Hugh...you LOSE! :-)Image