What happened at this morning's meeting you might ask? ~

Kris Edwards greeted everyone with a smile. Her quote reminded us not to take life too seriously!

Theresa Schommer reported that her son is getting married on Saturday. Barbara Weldon's daughter in law is pregnant. Congrats ladies!

Jim Carriere tried his best to stump us with "Do You Know Rotary?" questions, in which President Aref Ahmadia pays $5 for every correct answer.  No such luck - Barbara, Harriet and myself knew the answers (even if some of us had a little help from our friends...lol)!

Our speaker was Robby Elias of the Las Gallinas Water District, sharing the importance of water reclamation and purification to help with our looming water shortage.

Barbara Weldon had the winning ticket for the 50/50 raffle (it was fixed I tell ya!!!) and picked the winning white marble. $236 Cha Ching...$$$$$