A short synopsis of the meeting for all attending and those that might have missed it.  This section covers Greeter, Happy News, Birthdays, etc.  The next section describes our speaker, Randy Warren, and his presentation.


Speaker:  Randy Warren, long time SR resident, running for SR City Council.

Randy mentioned that he is not the political type but he feels so strongly about keeping the city going in the right direction, thinks it needs another voice, so he decided to jump in.  He mentioned that SR is a wonderful place to live, 94% of the residents are either satisfied or very satisfied with living here, and his main goal is to keep it that way. Mainly Randy is working on fighting urbanization that can occur in the future if we are not careful.  In his opinion this urbanization (mixed use housing) will impact the city in more negative ways than positive ways and he wants to fight it.  Google Randy to learn more about himself and his cause.