Sunday, August 19, 2012
Marinwood Community Center

The Celebration was attended by approximately 200 people, all friends of Noushin, Hugh, Sara, or Misha.  There was more food than I think I've ever seen in my life.  I personally tried to taste all of it and failed, but everything I tasted was wonderful.  People sat at round tables and talked about Noushin:  young adults talked about Noushin driving them to school; neighbors talked about progressive dinners at New Years; relatives talked about Noushin's intellectual abilities, her professional ambition, and her love of Hugh and her girls.  After eating, people stood and told the stories to the audience.  There were tears and laughter, sighs and chuckles, wistful looks into the distance and private smiles.  We honored Noushin, and missed her, and bade her farewell.  Helen Abe and I met new friends, shared Noushin stories, and enjoyed the wonderfully spiced food.  Perhaps someone else from our club was also there:  the room was packed and I did not even see Helen for the first hour we were both there!  Noushin would have loved the party and the good-byes.  Susan.