MEETING NOTES, July 8 2014, Scribe Bev (filling in for Millie, on vacation)
GREETER: John Noerr (see below)
GOOD NEWS: Theresa and Bev (see below)
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Update on members and new members (old members rejoining)  see below
SPEAKER: David Dye for RYLA (see below)
MEETING NOTES, July 8 2014, Scribe Bev (filling in for Millie, on vacation)
GREETER: John Noerr. John had a couple of great quotes. 1. "To avoid situations in which you might make mistakes may be the biggest mistake of all." 2. "That's the beauty of an argument, if you argue correctly, you are never wrong." John, as we know, is now retired but it was his desire as a retiree to support one cause and that cause is now Rotary. He enjoys the different aspects of Rotary, an organization with very defined goals. He also really enjoys the enthusiasm of the members of SR Harbor. Thank you John for donating your time and money. We are happy to have you and your energy!
WOW YOU MEAN THAT NOW THERE IS NO “DAY IN HISTORY” AND NO “ROTARY QUESTIONS”? What will Hugh and Jim do with all their spare time?  Aref…we miss your fun starts.  With Susan, we have to learn Spanish!
Theresa: Today is her son's 28th birthday so she gave $30 cash to our Harbor Foundation…a dollar a year with a tip!
Bev: Bev is very happy that her listing is closing today. If you were at the meeting you could have enjoyed her rant about this awful person/seller.
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Jeff Allen is in Kaiser; Ruth Bissell still cannot drive (both approved for Leave of Absence); Carola Detrick attended and is applying to rejoin (as soon as membership gets approval of updated wording on membership documents).  Harriet is still in Paris; Barbara wants to go back right away to see her grandbaby, and Karen Thompson is enjoying Greg's grandkids in Florida.  See picture!
SPEAKER: David Dye, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, or RYLA.    David has been involved in youth programs for a long time. He was a lawyer, college professor, headed some non-profits, and now has become involved with Interact, specifically RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.). This is the 30th year our district has been involved with RYLA. He spoke about the past programs at Westminster Woods where the kids develop community service projects and many of them now even bring these ideas home to use in their communities. There are many different ways Rotarians and non-Rotarians can help with this good cause. In 2015 the program will be held the last weekend in March at Redwood Glen in Scotts Valley.   It was necessary to find a new home for the event because Westminster Woods had become too crowded, given the success of the program.  In 2014, twelve of the RYLA campers were from San Rafael, and Harbor sponsored two of them!
SPANISH WORD FOR THE DAY: Adios. Susan mentioned how people in certain countries pronounce the d as th so therefore athios!