Posted on Jul 10, 2018
Today  "What's Happening" calendars guru, John Benus, gave us tips about healthy living.  A brief summary in no particular order:  1. toothpaste is poison (read the label) so rinse three times  2. Four grams of sugar - 1 teaspoon, so one quart of low-fat yogurt is 15 teaspoons of sugar.   3.  Use soap to shave not areosol spray cans, then use aloe vera gel on your face, legs, etc.  4. Don't drink milk.  5. Chew well so your stomach can actually digest the food.  6. Ignore the "3 square meals a day" the largest meal in the middle of the day.   7. Avoid gluten and avoid meat (chicken or fish okay but not red meat.  If you must eat red meat to survive, eat grass fed organic red meat).  8. Bike, jog, hike..and if you walk, make sure you are walking at 3 mph.  Do so daily.    Good ideas for us all and that was just a quick sampling of all the data he presented.

John Benus     

John Benus, Editor, Publisher, and Fun Doctor.
PO BOX 278  Sausalito CA 94966
John also conducts a full moon hike with the Moonshiners, established and hosts the Marin Oyster Fest, and is Adopt a Highway team leader in both Tiburon and West Marin.  "What's Happening Calendars" covers over 500 Festivals & Events,
350 with Live Music, 250 are Free, 70 Farmers Markets and 60 Dog Friendly events!