Year of Service President's Name
2016-2017 Hugh Murphy
2015-2016 Beverly Shwert
2014-2015 Susan Lundy
2013-2014 Aref Ahmadia
2012-2013 Karen Thompson
2011-2012 Tom Sutton
2010-2011 Stacie Strassberg
2009-2010 Brigette Waterbury
2008-2009 Kris Edwards
2007-2008 Jim Carriere
2006-2007 John Bottari
2005-2006 Mark DeLangis
2004-2005 Helen Abe
2003-2004 Maureen  McConnelly
2002-2003 Ken Downs  /John Luce
  Hugh Murphy, President of VMI Architecture, will become our President this July 1, 2016.  
As VMI Architecture's President and Principal Architect, Hugh is responsible for all aspects of project feasibility research, entitlements, construction documents, permitting and contract administration. He has over 25 years of experience ranging from single family dwellings to fitness facilities to office and retail and restaurants. Additionally, Hugh has worked for structural, mechanical and electrical engineering firms helping him better identify opportunities and challenges early in the design process.
Hugh gears his hands-on approach to the project delivery process toward assuring clients of the most effictive design, process and communication. He has instituted a system of quality control for each set of Construction Documents that has manifested itself in tighter bids and fewer contract mistakes resulting in reduced or eliminated change orders.