What a wonderful meeting to attend to learn more about our club and how it began.  Many people put in a lot of work to get it all started and become what it is today!
GREETER:   Beverly Shwert.  Beverly is our President-Elect and is a local Realtor.  Her quote was a passage from the book "Orphan Train" spoken by a 12 year old character in the book while attending church and fellowship after it.  "I like the assumption that everyone is trying his best, and we all should just be kind to each other." 
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  Please note that there will be a joint board meeting on May 19th after our meeting.  Beverly begs her new board to be there because it is important for all to know the ins and outs of the club and you can see how much fun we can have LOL.
TICKET SALE UPDATE BY JIM:  We are doing pretty well but we have a ways to go.  As your president elect, I ask that we ALL try to sell tickets.  I understand that some might not be comfortable with the idea but the important thing to let people know is the fact that we do a lot of good with the money we raise.  I am passionate about this fundraiser and would love to see 100% participation.  Thank you.
SPEAKER NEXT WEEK:  Lori Davis.  It will be great to hear from her now that she has started her own non-profit to service gardens.  We like Lori and personally I like her even more now that she is not working with that other organization I won't name.
WHAT'S UP WITH THIS PRESIDENT ELECT?:  Yes I'm a bit outspoken as we all know so just keep in mind to be careful what you wish for.
Jim:  (for Tom)  Foundation Award.
Barbara:  Barbara gets the bell ringer for having awards for Community Service, Vocational Service, Youth, and International.
Helen:  Membership Award
Carola and Kramer (Kramer was busy being photographer)  Public Image
Bev:  Club Administration
Susan:  Best Club
Jeff Allen:  Ok yes congrats on Perfect Attendance Jeff.  We are happy to have you :-).  Jeff looks forward to the time when he sells the business and he can spend more time doing projects with other members.
Stacie:  She was asked to come to a meeting and agreed because she likes the time of day.  She has met great friends, likes the projects, and finds it is a good way to give back to the community.  She has always thought of our club as a fun club and hopes we can grow again.  OK SO WHAT MEMBER WANTS TO BE IN CHARGE OF THE ORGANIZATION OF FUN TIMES during my presidency?
Jim:  Jim basically joined because Paul at the bank made him join Rotary.  Kidding aside, Jim went with Helen to a meeting at Pier 15 and it all began there.  He felt the passion for this club and still feels it and is very happy at the club level vs. the district.  He never would have found out about Shelter Box without Rotary.
Helen:  Helen I'm not sure I will give your story justice and thank you so much for the wonderful synopsis.  I had no idea what work it was for all of you to get our club off the ground.  Carol Scott was a friend and asked you to breakfast one day (with you having no clue it was about Rotary) and you went.  You and others felt the passion to helping people in the canal and walked the streets to get new members to join.  Well it worked and I for one thank you all for all your hard work at that time.
Kris:  Her dad was in Rotary, it was a large part of her life growing up, so joining was the natural thing to do.
Steve:  It took some arm twisting with Steve but he did end up joining as we know.  Steve likes helping people and yes I know from being at different projects that he is a hard worker especially in the garden.
Cindy:  Cindy was invited by Carol Scott.  Cindy was going through a difficult time in her life and needed something new in her life.  She is very happy to have joined.
Thank you to all of you for your input.