We shared stories, memorabilia, and pictures at our meeting and most exciting of all, we 
heard memories from two Veterans, our own Cindy Stameroff who served in Kentucky and the Presidio (and would have stayed there forever!) and from Hugh Murphy's Dad, Al, who worked with classified SPY PLANES in the COLD WAR: OUR VERY OWN MacGayver working with bubblegum and rubber bands!
  CHECK ON THE PHOTO ALBUM FOR SHOTS OF THE FOLLOWING (EARLIEST TO LATEST): Jim Carriere's Revolutionary War GGGGFather, George Redmond, who was awarded what remains the Illinois family farmland for his service; Susan Lundy's GGGFather, Champion Easter Smith, who survived the Confederacy at both Bull Runs only to be sticken by a cannon ball that rolled down a hill and knocked him in the head while riding a mule on the way home; The WWI Draft Card of Lester G. Lundy; then lots of WWII stories and memories...Millie's Mom's first love, Barbara Weldon's Dad, Jim Carriere's Dad, Susan's Dad (and Mom); then on to Korea with Bev's Dad (and Marilyn Monroe), Susan's brother, and then the Cold War with Hugh Murphy's Dad and his spy plane.  We also heard about Barb's German prisoner-of-war grandfather and the jewelbox he carved as a prisoner; Kramer's GFather's adventures as Winston Churchil's pilot; and at least five more Rotarians spoke...ALL OF WHOM need to bring pictures next time we do this!