On July 9, the Rotary Club of San Rafael Harbor met to discuss the forthcoming year's expectations and events.


Committee members for 2013-2014 (with space for more members to volunteer!)

Community Service... Brigette (chair) is helped with Youth Services by Barbara and Willa this year.  Needs a volunteer to take charge of additional educational responsibilities:  Interact Scholarship at San Rafael High; Career Day at Davidson Middle School, Bahia Vista and Laurel Dell Elementary Schools, and also she needs a "Second in Command" to attend Interact meetings to free her up somewhat.  In discussion, Karl mentioned we really need a FOCUS project that gets us PUBLICITY and that links our name to the Canal.  Karen suggested we NOT piggyback with other nonprofits, as the other nonprofits tend to get the publicity.  John asked if we could find another project as much fun and as financially feasible as the San Anselmo Street Fair (Jim said Novato had one??).

World Service: Tom, (chair) John, Aref, and Jeff.

Public Relations:  Bev (chair) Stacie, Susan, Teresa, and Kramer.  Bev suggested we should have a full meeting to cover Public Relations so that all of us have practiced and perfected our "Harbor Rotary Elevator Pitch".  Stacie suggested PR is really everyone's responsibility, and suggestions were made including Facebook, Patch, and other social media.  NOTE:  Per John's answer to Susan's question: the club that does it right in District 5150:  Foster City.  Look at their site; get on their mailing list..and learn.

Program:  Steve (chair)  Helen, George, Barbara, Mary  George is working particularly on Business Leaders, Authors, Politicians:  everyone is encouraged to recommend good speakers!

Membership:  Jim (chair)   Needs additional members for following:  potential member interviews, mentoring of new members, putting together packets and badges, and general notification/outreach.  Volunteers?

Restaurant Fundraiser:  Karl (chair) Tom, Helen, Theresa, Stacie, and Kramer  Karl said half the tickets were sold by only five members.  We need greater involvement beginning this fall!

Aref thanked the club for a good Assembly and rang the bell.