Salvation Army: Ring the bell at Northgate?

In September, Mill Valley President Jane Hall and I decided we might have fun ringing the bell again for the Salvation Army.  (I've had a soft spot for this particular volunteer activity since I "found" Harbor Rotary when I saw the Rotary logo above the bucket while giving on Christmas.  The following year I loved Helen and Miley ringing alongside Kramer, and my non-Rotarian friend Carla Chapman joined me too.)  Last week I got a call back from Captain Carl of the Salvation Army, who asked me to tell him how many days we could cover and when.  If you want to ring with Jane and Susan, send Susan a note at and let her know if you could do it Friday the 19th or Saturday the 20th.  Between the Rotary Clubs of Mill Valley and San Rafael Harbor, and our erstwhile Interact Club, I'm hoping we can have a few hours covered.  As Carl said, "We always get SO MUCH MORE MONEY when ROTARY does it for us!"