Congratulations to Rotary 5150's Brigette Waterbury!!!!
Congratulations to our Rotarian of the Month for February 2019 - Brigette Waterbury from the Rotary Club of San Rafael Harbor!

Brigette is the epitome of a Rotarian's Rotarian. She has helped San Rafael Harbor Rotary develop into the wonderful, welcoming, active, and productive club that it is today. As a founding member, she helped bring this new club into existence. Ever since that day, her gentle guidance and strong leadership has helped the club to thrive and weather more than a few stormy squalls.

Brigette has served our club in almost every leadership position that exists in our club. She is always willing to step up and fill in where necessary. Currently, Brigette serves as Youth Leadership Chair and leads the Harbor sponsored   Interact San Rafael Club from   San Rafael High School. She has started and has helped lead this club for several years, including the years when her daughter attended the high school, as well as after her daughter graduated.

Last year, as our Youth Services Chair, she had the inspired idea to start 3   Girl Scouts Troops in underserved areas of   Marin County, California. San Rafael Harbor Rotary is helping to support this initiative and together with the Girl Scouts, will provide troop supplies, uniforms and materials needed to help these young girls learn leadership skills and an awareness of community service. Perfect traits for future Rotarians!

She is a past president of Harbor Rotary and continues to serve our club and the   Rotary District 5150 with her input and valuable suggestions. One recent example is when we were struggling to keep up with our social media and on-line presence. In brainstorming ideas, she suggested that we tap into the Interact Club to help us out. Perfect - we met with a student from the club, explained our needs and voila - problem solved. It is a win-win-win, solving a club problem, connecting us with Interact Club, and providing a little monetary compensation for the student.

Community leaders throughout Marin recognize Brigette as someone who works hard to serve the community and is very involved in many different organizations. She recently was tapped to help   Opening the World plan and organize their annual fundraiser, which is a vital funding stream for their organization. Because of Brigette's work, together with the hard work of all Harbor Rotary members, Rotary was recognized that night by   Congressman Jared Huffman with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition by the   U.S. House Of Representatives, presented to honor and recognize our exceptional community service. Brigette is a vital member of our club, of Rotary and of our community, and it is for this reason that I humbly and respectfully put forth her name for Rotarian of the month of District 5150.
Once again, congratulations to  Brigette Waterbury from the  Rotary Club of San Rafael Harbor  as our  "Rotarian of the Month" in February 2020!  

Congratulations again Brigette!!!!!