1.  Kramer Herzog returned from 2 months of physical rehab from his skiing accident and from travel to Hawaii where his latest video, for the Kids of Paarl, won top prize.  .   BELL RINGER   Kramer also brought Bev a President's Gift, Hugh a President-Elect gift, and Carola a President-Elect nominee gift from Hawaii!   Cindy Stameroff, CPA and Kris Edwards, CPA, both offered bell ringers because tax season is over!   Your scribe may have missed other "good news" from April because I cannot find my notes for the later meetings.
2.  Chris Major announced his Chess Club is finishing up in one school and he is about to volunteer to teach Chess for a week at Bahia Vista.  
3.  Judi Cooper paid a birthday fine, and 4. Stacie Strassberg paid a fine because she had a great experience singing at Open Mike Night.