Speaker Date Topic
Jon Haveman, needelegation.org Apr 23, 2019
The Federal Budget, Deficits, and Debt

There is a great deal about the Federal Budget that is misunderstood.  Budget deficits are expected to do little other than grow in the coming years.  The implications of a ballooning debt are the subject of great controversy.  This talk will discuss the budget, highlighting misunderstood pieces and will give the perspective(s) of the economics profession on the ever growing debt.

Ruth Doodson Apr 30, 2019
Just Explore - Fascinating Bay Area Discoveries


Mark Sachs, Founder and Chairman, RestoringVision May 07, 2019
Giving the Gift of Sight

Since 2003, Mark Sachs has been working with partners to provide reading and sunglasses to people in the developing world. Since that time, the organization he started, RestoringVision, has helped over 13 million people work, read and live their lives more fully.

Melissa Greene & John Wallace May 14, 2019
Surviving the Odds Project (STOP)

Empowering youth through sedlf expression.