Congratulations to Rotary 5150's Stan Green!!!!



Congratulations again Stan!!!!!

From the day Stan became a member of Harbor Rotary, he has been actively seeking out every opportunity to be of service.  Stan made “Service above Self” his own personal mantra.  Stan has been partaking in countless community service projects from tending School Gardens with Sanzuma to Global Clean-up Days, Caroling for our Elders, and volunteering at our local Food bank.  Stan is always part of our volunteer groups and he freely and happily gives his all to make the world a better place. All things Rotary interest Stan and he helps with so many important causes such as RYLA, Marin Villages, Movie Night for kids in the Canal Area, ELM (Enriching Lives through Music) among many others.

As a retired Investment Advisor, Stan has made it his mission to educate vulnerable elders and immigrants about financial literacy by organizing a yearly Day of Financial Literacy.  When he became our International Chair he combined two of his passions: golfing and traveling - he enrolled and played at a Rotary Golf Tournament in Japan... representing our Club, establishing new connections and making new friends.  He has done us all very proud!
Above all though, Stan became even more invaluable to the success of our Club when he graciously accepted to become our Speaker Chair.  Through the variety and diversity of amazing speakers he attracted to our Club he single-handedly created a foundation for what makes San Rafael Harbor such a special Club.  Stan has created an important part of a culture that provides the “why” for prospective members to join us as well as an important reason for existing members to stay.
Stan is incredibly well connected and deeply respected in the community. He is exceptionally organized and he represents our Club with integrity and charm.  As our “Unsung Hero,“ Stan has quietly organized amazing speakers presenting exceptionally varied topics:
  • we learned about a Girls’ School in West Africa – the three captivating speakers presented to us via zoom: one spoke from Germany and the other two were located in New York!
  • a Native American speaker from the Coastal Miwok opened our eyes and hearts to the history of suppression and pain of the Miwok people in our area
  • in a fascinating presentation we learned about the ins and outs of cryptocurrency (who knew?!)
  • another speaker introduced us to the work of the Marin County Grand Jury
  • we were going on a virtual trip of ten years at sea, narrated by the mom of the family – beyond riveting!
  • We got to be in the front row learning about the newest Advancements in Early Cancer Detection – the presentation was entirely scientific AND exciting
  • Verdi’s La Traviata was brought to us in a talk interwoven with glorious music
  • we learned about the intricate Plans to End Homelessness in Marin
  • and we heard a discourse about the ever important question “Red Meat- Should We Be Concerned?”
And on and on! So much to learn, experience and get involved in, all compliments of our amazing Speaker Chair Stan.  He has made it easy for all of us to invite prospective members to our Club.  We can always be sure that the speaker of the day will have an important message to share.  From face reading to the story of a Holocaust survivor and how to detect and avoid elder abuse, we have become well-informed and open minded.  We have benefited as individuals and as a Club from Stan’s careful attraction and selection of speakers. His calm way of making speakers, visitors and us members feel comfortable and cared for is legendary.
In his free time Stan enjoys the company of his extended family, playing with his adorable grandchildren, and he definitely loves a good round of golf. Stan is a Paul Harris+5 and a member of the Paul Harris Society.
Stan is not only a spirited member of our Club but he is also a true asset to Rotary and to our community.  His exceptional service is a great example of what makes a true Rotarian:  Caring deeply, sharing happily and teaching by doing.  The Rotary Club of San Rafael Harbor is indeed blessed to have Stan Green as our valued member.  We wholeheartedly support our “unsung hero” Stanley Green to be honored as District 5150’s Rotarian of the Month.