Drought is Here: <arin Water Talks Conservation
Apr 27, 2021 8:00 AM
Carrie Pollard, Water Efficiency Manager, MarinMWD
Drought is Here:

Drought is here and it is time to conserve water now. 2020 was the 2nd-driest year in 90 years. With warmer months ahead, our reservoirs are at only 56% of capacity. In response to our low water supply, MMWD has adopted a resolution declaring initial drought water conservation actions. Conservation is one of our most important tools in preserving our water supply.

Carrie Pollard will update us on the drought situation and described how the community can stay informed and make a difference. Carrie has been actively working in water management for over 20 years. As Water Efficiency Manager at MMWD, she leads a team that deploys water saving programs for residential, irrigation and business customers. Carrie is also on the Board of Directors for the California Water Efficiency Partnership, a member of the American Water Works Association's Water Utility Council. and President of the California Irrigation Institute.

See also https://www.marinwater.org/conserve