Overview of Red Cross Programs and Volunteer/Partnership Opportunities
Jan 30, 2024 12:00 AM
Vincent Valenzuela, ED, North Bay, Amer Red Cross
Overview of Red Cross Programs and Volunteer/Partnership Opportunities

Vincent Valenzuela’s journey with the Red Cross began in 2018 as a Disaster Program Manager for Solano and Marin Counties. In this role, he successfully built strong internal connections with the volunteer base while also establishing partnerships throughout the community, working closely with the local Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) in the North Bay Chapter. He has supported the Red Cross mission with multiple local and national disaster deployments to hurricanes, wildfires, floods and home fires.

Vincent has over 20 years of non-profit experience and is dedicated to supporting communities, families and building connections. In his new role as Chapter CEO, Vincent will work to bridge our Red Cross leadership to the volunteers carrying out the mission on a daily basis, facilitating the free flow of information and sharing of ideas.  He will also focus on developing even stronger connections with our donors and recruiting partners and board member prospects.

A North Bay resident, Vincent enjoys adding to his vinyl record collection, cheering for Bay Area sports teams, and spending time with family and friends.