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Hugh Murphy becomes 15th President of Harbor Rotary
Hugh Murphy wrote this communication to all our Club members this week:  I want to say thank you to for asking me to be our Club President for the upcoming year.  I hope I and my Board live up to your expectations.  I think we have a fun and rewarding year ahead and look forward to getting out into the community and helping where we can.  I hope you can join me on our outings and fellowship events as well as attend as many meetings as you can.  Note this year Rotary has not placed a minimum on meeting attendance (yeh!) but I would hope you can attend as many meetings as you can.  I feel our small club atmosphere is special because we do show up, we do have fun, we do sometimes needle each other (in fun) and, when necessary, are there to console.
Jeff Allen wins "Tea prize" brought back from Korea by President Murphy
In one of his first "Presidential" duties, then President-Elect Hugh Murphy brought back RI's host club's gift of tea which was won in our raffle by member Jeffrey Allen.  ENJOY, Jeff!
Scholastic Achievement rewards to 2 local elementary and one middle school
With the aid of our retiring member, Harriet McLean, the Rotary Club of San Rafael Harbor once again worked with the Principals of two elementary and one middle school to award Scholastic Achievement certificates to the students chosen by the Principals.  The criteria was a bit different from merely looking at grade point average; the Principals each described their choices as students who had progressed the most, overcoming great obstacles, and who were highly motivated to continue their progress.  Laurel Dell and Bahia Vista elementary schools and Davidson Middle School participated.  

May 2016, Scholastic Achievement Presentations

Pepe Gonzalez, Principal of Laurel Dell and his recipients

Pepe Gonzalez, Principal of Laurel Dell Elementary, and his two Scholastic Achievement recipients

Aaron Feldstein, Assistant Principal Davidson and recipient                        Aaron Feldstein, Assistant                            Principal of Davidson                                    Elementary, with  his 8th                             grade Academic                                          Achievement award winner

2016 Bahia Vista Elementary

Bahia Vista Elementary

School Principal

 Cecilia Quintana-Pérez

and her two recipients

for 2016

Davidson winner with Harriet MacLean

Harriet MacLean, Past President of her former Rotary Club and as of June 30th, a former Rotarian entirely, in her final role as our unofficial school liaison,  We will miss you and hope you return regularly to visit, Harriet!

Presidential Inauguration held at Arriverderci's
Our dinner featuring outgoing President Bev Shwert and Incoming President Hugh Murphy was well attended and presided over by District Governor Jeri Fujimoto.  Here are a few pictures (which apologies from editor Susan Lundy, who obviously had more wine than she should have and thus has blurry pictures.  In fact, seems as though most of my candids were unintentionally of people checking cell phones.)  As other members get around to it, perhaps we can get better snapshots to post later; meanwhile, here is a sample of the festivities.

Bye bye Bev,     Hi Hi Hugh....






John, John, Greg, and Jeri...






The Royal Family, so to speak.   Or rather, Hugh plus daughter Misha and guest/friend/significant other/date  Marjan.



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The Rotary Club of San Rafael Harbor meets from 8 to 9 am, Tuesdays, at the Jackson Cafe of Whistlestop Wheels, 930 Tamalpais Avenue, San Rafael CA 94901.  Free parking  is available in the chain-link fenced lot across the street from the Cafe.  
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