Below is a report from our water project that San Rafael Harbor Rotary did in Reiobamba Ecquador. The below report is a rough translation of the Spanish language report from our contact.
Good morning to all, Please tell the San Rafael Harbor Rotary Club that the Water Project will hopefully be complete this week. We visited the water project with some fellow Rotarians and Community on Tuesday. They were were digging to place the latter part of the pipe leading to the reservoir tank. The reservoir tank is already built. Please tell the San Rafael Harbor Rotary Club that the water project benefits 1800 people. The day we visited, the Community was very satisfied, happy and grateful because now they have access to water. The Community does not have sewer. They have asked if you are interested in another project to place the sewer, or if you can't if you know of someone who could help. For our part as Riobamba Rotary Club, we also thank the San Rafael Harbor Rotary Club for helping us realize this project in an area so populated. Attached some pictures that show the work and the beauty of Chimborazo is seen but not completely. (please see the "photo journal" on the San Rafael Harbor Rotary website to view the pictures). Rotary Diego Granda