Mark your calendar for September 11 (3:30 - 6pm), September 14, 15, 17 and 18 (8:30 - noon or 1 - 4:30), October 10, November 21, January 18, March 27 and May 1.
The Green Schoolyard at Davidson Middle School is growing, as ever. You will be pleased, I believe, by the range and depth of activities happening this year:
Further reduction of litter Habitat restoration by the Bay Institute Garden visits by our neighbors, Anova and the Jewish preschool Spring planting of fruit trees Proposed rose installation by the Davidson Dads
All of this activity will be led by two work parties this month on Sept 11 & 18. Full details below. Mark your calendar for the rest of the year's work parties as well:
Saturday, October 10. Indigenous Cultures Day
Saturday, November 21. Thanksgiving Harvest & Cleanup
Monday, January 18. Martin Luther King Day of Service
Saturday, March 27. Cesar Chavez Day Celebration
Saturday, May 1. May Day!
Day of Remembrance and Service Friday, September 11, 3:30-6:00 pm. Marin's Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership is joining a national movement to establish September 11th as a Day of Service and Remembrance. Through shared service to our communities, they hope, we can create an ongoing legacy of hope and inspiration born out of the ashes of despair. In this inaugural year, CVNL is sponsoring two projects: at Davidson and at the Community Action Marin Child Care Center in the Canal. Davidson School Garden
Our tasks will include litter removal, planting of shrubs and autumn crops, and tending flowers. Year by year, Davidson is becoming a more attractive campus for our students to study and play. Pitch in and feel the joy of shared labor and accomplishment.

WEEK OF CARING, September 14-18, 2009
This is a Bay Area-wide event, sponsored by United Way and the Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership. Businesses, agencies, and individuals from across the county select from an array of opportunities. Last year, Enterprise Rent-A-Car sent a dozen volunteers for a morning of weed removal and other Garden improvements. What a difference they made!
Our projects at Davidson will soften the harsh contours of an over-built campus, adding beauty, shade, and life. This work is part of the school's overall effort to model the ecological awareness that children study in their science classes.
English ivy, bermuda grass, pampas grass, fennel, and other invasive weeds encroach on our Garden as well as a native slough that we are preparing for complete restoration.
Tasks: Dig out bermuda grass along fence line; cover area with cardboard, burlap, and straw. Dig out pampas grass; cover seed heads. Prune and dig out fennel as possible. Pull ivy from bridge area; place in compost area. Plant ornamentals and native shrubs in cleaned-up areas.
Last summer the Davidson Dads, Conservation Corps North Bay, and student helpers all cleaned up the front entry, planted ornamental shrubs, upgraded the irrigation system for better water conservation, and put in a lawn by the principal's office. A neighboring lawn is full of dandelions, which will seed the new lawn if they are not removed.
Tasks: Dig out, one by one, the dandelions in the lawn in front of Science classrooms. Remove to compost.
We offer 4 work days with both morning (8:30-noon) and afternoon (1:00-4:30) shifts: Mon 14, Tue 15, Thu 17, Fri 18. The Dominican basketball team has signed-up for Fri from 1:30-4:30. Come join us then!
Weather: Heavy rain cancels. Drizzle is no impediment.
Intensity: Work ranges from light to heavy. Individuals can choose what's just right.
- Gardening gloves if you can.
- Dandelion digger, if you have.
Refreshments: Fresh lemon water and organic banana bread.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about the Garden project, see our CVNL listing: CVNL CONTACT: Stuart Moody, Garden coordinator:; phone 459-0176.