Sep 14, 2021 8:00 AM
Barbara Garvey, Opera Buff
An Opera Featured by the NY Metropolitan Opera

Barbara Garvey is a life-long resident of Springfield, Massachusetts. She has taught American Government on the honors high school and community college level for many years. She served as a member of the Springfield City Council for eight years and worked as a special assistant to Charles Ryan, mayor of Springfield, multiple terms. She co-founded and chaired the Massachusetts Arts Advocacy Committee and was a member of the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities and Public Policy. She was a member of the Springfield Rotary Club for several years.

Barbara sang alto in the Springfield Symphony Chorus for more than forty years. As a self-described opera buff, she will lead a discussion of an opera performed by the Metropolitan Opera Company of New York. The opera will be chosen 10-14 days before our meeting and will be available to be viewed by meeting participants in advance of the meeting. The Met offers free viewing of a number of their performances, including the opera we will be discussing. Come prepared with questions!

More details about this special presentation will be provided soon.