Mar 07, 2023 8:00 AM
Dr. Tanyss Munro, co-founder Amarok Society
Education: Teach Mothers First

Amarok Society is proud to have partnered with more than a hundred Rotary Clubs to pursue an unusual model of education: instead of teaching children directly, we teach illiterate mothers to become neighbourhood teachers. 

Dr. Tanyss Munro has devoted her life, with her husband, author Gem Munro, to improving educational opportunities for disadvantaged people across Canada and abroad.
Through her work as an educator with remote Native communities, as senior advisor to federal Ministers and to Regional Native political organizations, she’s had the privilege of getting to really know life in communities ranging from Arctic hamlets to troubled reserves to Parliament Hill.
In 2006, she and her husband Gem and their 4 children were invited to Bangladesh to bring improvements to the education system there, but what they saw for millions of children was no education at all. In 2006, Tanyss and Gem founded Amarok Society and currently operate 26 schools.
Tanyss’ PhD is in International Education. In recognition of their work, they are recipients of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals.