Dec 01, 2020 8:00 AM
Britt Woodrum, ShelterBox Hero & Adventurer
Stories from My Long Treks

Brittney “Bert” Woodrum is a Rotary Peace Fellow Candidate who became a ShelterBox ambassador nearly a year ago when she began her masters in Humanitarian Assistance at the University of Denver. A Kentucky native, she graduated from the University of KY in 2015 with a focus in Nonprofit Administration and Spanish. Over the past four years, she has put her education to good use, working for a variety of NGOs across the globe, including in Mexico, Hong Kong, and Myanmar. In her free time, Bert enjoys studying languages, cycling, and hiking. As an avid thru-hiker, she has completed the entirety of the Appalachian Trail and Camino de Santiago and hopes that before leaving Colorado, she’ll have the opportunity to explore all that the Rockies have to offer. Above all else, however, Bert’s ultimate goal is to be of service to the global community and plans to dedicate her life to solving logistical challenges across the field of Humanitarian Assistance.