Finding Your Passion and Purpose in Midlife and Beyond
Feb 02, 2021 8:00 AM
S. O'Dell and R. Iriartborde, Entrepreneurs
Finding Your Passion and Purpose in Midlife and Beyond

Have you always felt you were meant to do something but never had the time or nerve to figure it out? Hear Stephanie O'Dell, founder of Celebrate the Gray, and Robert Iriartborde, co-founder of Brand Fifty, tell how getting out of their own way led them to living a purposeful life in their middle years..

After 10 years of fashion styling, Stephanie O'Dell began a blog called Celebrate the Gray. After speaking to thousands of women aged 50+ she realized that the visuals and stories that women are given as they age are messages of anti-aging and not pro-aging. Stephanie converted to a full-service agency for and about the 50+ woman. She represents more than 40 gray-haired models and works with companies to use real faces and authentic stories of aging with power.

Robert Iriartborde is a professional audio engineer and has participated in productions for recording studios, live shows and corporate events. He and a friend started, an internet company that provides resources and inspirational content through podcasts, videos and blogs to help people start their own business or side hustle later in their lives. Most people interviewed started new business in their late 40s and beyond.