Fairfax: A Passionate and Engaged Community
Jan 05, 2021 8:00 AM
Renee Goddard, Mayor of Fairfax
Fairfax: A Passionate and Engaged Community

In Fairfax, residents turn out for Town Council meetings, and meetings often adjourn after midnight. Virtual meetings have enabled even more public participation and opportunity for City Council to listen to a broad range of voices and opinions. Since the murder of George Floyd, the younger generation has joined the conversation in unprecedented numbers, with new language, and new ability to employ technology and social media platforms to build a movement demanding equity in policy making with a focus on racial justice.

Fairfax established the county’s first Citizen’s Racial Equity and Social Justice committee with a sub-committee to examine Police practices and public safety alternatives. Mrs. Goddard will share Fairfax’s unique process and experience with a youth-led movement to dismantle systemic racism, and will discuss other grassroots campaigns that emerged to address community needs during covid-19.  

Mrs. Goddard has served on the Fairfax Town Council since 2013 and as Mayor in 2020, a year of reinventing local government's roles and responsibilities. She has a Master's Degree in Drama Therapy and 15 years of experience as an international Whitewater River Guide, with numerous first descents of rivers in Papua New Guinea or Borneo. She put her education and experience to work this year navigating a diverse set of challenges in unchartered territory, and dedicated her full time and attention to the eclectic and wonderful town of Fairfax.