Community Action Marin Prioritizes Well-being & Self-Sufficiency for All
Nov 02, 2021 8:00 AM
Chandra Alexandre & Laurel Hill
Community Action Marin Prioritizes Well-being & Self-Sufficiency for All

Our speakers will describe many of the programs of Community Action Marin.

Chandra Alexandre is the CEO of CAM with over 20 years of experience supporting organizations to social justice outcomes. Her work has helped strengthen regional affordable housing and early childhood education initiatives, expand education reform strategies nationally, and resource grassroots-led movement-building for global women's rights. Chandra's commitment to equity serves her well at Community Action Marin, where board and staff are standing with low-income families and individuals struggling to find opportunity and fulfill their dreams in challenging times. Her vision is to help propel local efforts to eradicate disparities forward while promoting self-sufficiency for all in a county that has the largest inequities between racial groups in California. Doing this will require a healing-centered approach that brings awareness of community trauma to the fore. Under her leadership, CAM will continue to provide the high-quality services necessary to meet community needs while also fostering and advocating for a thriving Marin County.

Laurel Hill is CAM's Safety Net Services Director with a long history in civic and social services. She has worked at CAM for 30 years in various roles, including Deputy Director. In her present role, Laural overseas all of the agency's safety net services, including rent, utilities and cash assistance, homeless outreach, and emergency food boxes. She also oversees the agency's partnership with Family to Family, a program of anonymous donors whose goal is to provide hope and support via cash gifts to families in need in Marin. Born and raised in Marin County, Laurel has a passion for galvanizing the community to engineer local solutions to local conditions of poverty and for promoting maximum participation in civic life for those with low incomes.