Oct 06, 2020 8:00 AM
Tom Areton, co-Founder, Museum of Intl Propaganda
Propaganda: The Same in Every Language

Tom Areton was born in Czechoslavakia and came to the U.S following the Soviet invasion of that country. His wife, Lilka, was born in Brooklyn and raised in New Jersey. They have been Marin County residents since marrying in Mill Valley in 1970. Together they founded Cultural Homestay International in Marin County in 1981. CHI, one of the largest student exchange organizations in the U.S., it has brought more than 350,000 students to our shores from 131 countries, involving more than one million Americans as host families. CHI has also sent Americans to 22 different countries on a variety of cultural programs. 

In their capacity as U.S. goodwill embassadors for CHI, Tom & Lilka have visited over 80 countries, collecting political propaganda along the way. From North Korea to Nauru and from Uzbekistan to the Ukraine, the Areton's goal is to win friends for the United States.

In May, 2016, they opened the Museum of International Propaganda in San Rafael. to share their posters, signs, books, films and statues with their visitors. The museum is educational in nature and offers forums, movies and discussions.

Join us for a discussion of both CHI and the Museum. See also www.propagandamuseum.net and www. chinet.org.